Discover your rich heritage.

Sinai Scholars is unlike any course you’ve taken before. It's designed to introduce you to Judaism’s 3,000-year-old message to the world, so you can explore what that message means to you today. Eight weeks of fresh thinking and powerful connecting, this course is not a collection of facts and information. It is about big ideas that matter.

The curriculum at the Sinai Scholars Society doesn’t just pick up where Hebrew school left off. Our course presents the living tradition of authentic Jewish scholarship. We address important issues in modern life in light of the ancient sources and give you a chance to find your voice in a discussion that stretches across three millennia. Intriguing, challenging, and sophisticated, the learning experience at Sinai Scholars—both within and outside of the classroom—draws you into the pure pleasure of Torah study. More than inspiring and thoughtful, it is also fun.

What: Take a look at this thing we call Judaism in a sophisticated and academic, yet fun and deeply meaningful way. Sinai Scholars is a national organization of thousands of college students just like yourself who want to take their Jewish identity to the next level.

Who: Any Jewish student with a curiosity and appetite to know the answers to life's questions.

When: Eight evening classes a semester, 1.5 hours each. Dates: Thursdays at 6:45 PM starting September 14 (Fall 2023). 

How: Register today! Text Rabbi Raffy at 347.915.3145. for any questions or concerns.

Oh, and there's a $350 stipend to anyone who completes the course requirements!




Have some questions? Want to learn something specific? Maybe you just want to sit and talk with the Rabbi? We're down for a chat or a personal study session! Text Rabbi Raffy at 347.915.3145, or Chana at 631.229.5914, and we'll set up a time to get together.