Display your Jewish pride with a Mezuzah on your dorm or apartment door. ​We've got one for you free of charge, and we'll install it too! Text "MEZUZAH" to the system to pick yours up. (Make sure you're fully  signed up to the texting system first so that the text goes through!)


Tell me more about mezuzahs!

Have you heard about Judaism's ultimate security system? It's a 2-for-1 deal: in addition to protecting you spiritually, the mezuzah gives you physical protection as well!


A Mezuzah is a scroll which has inscribed in it the holy words of the Shema prayer, and is hung on the doorpost of one's room.

When going through a hard time, many people would turn to the Lubavitcher Rebbe for advice and encouragement. Amazingly, the first thing the Rebbe would ask them was "Do you have a mezuzah? Did you make sure they are kosher?" (Mezuzahs need to be checked every few years for wear and tear, as that can render them not kosher, and unfit for use.)

A mezuzah has a direct impact on our physical life: it positively influences our health, financial success, and protects us from danger. It's truly the best security system out there! And of course, it's a mitzvah. Every time we walk past our door, we're reminded of the special connection we have with G‑d. For so many years, persecuted Jews were afraid to hang the mezuzah openly on their doors. Today, we can proudly display our Jewish identity to the world. Send us a text to get your room glowing with a mezuzah!